Read2Succeed's programs are designed to improve children's academic performance while helping reduce illiteracy rates in the communities we serve.  









Read2Succeed is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization co-founded in 2005 by David Castrillon, the organizationís first executive director.  We believe in empowering our community through a united love for literacy. We offer a variety of services that seek to set families on the path towards self-sufficiency. Our fully inclusive after-school programs operate at several strategically-located Miami-Dade sites that range from public schools that receive Title 1 funding due to the high percentage of low-income families to community centers and museums. With a team of state and nationally certified teachers, we aim to lift learners to new levels of achievement. Our mission to enrich the lives of children is made possible through family education and engagement, hands-on instruction, individualized assistance and character building.

Since 2005 Read2Succeed, has served thousands of minority children and families living in underserved communities throughout Miami Dade County.  In addition to our after-school tutoring and enrichment programs, we also provide standardized testing preparation, literacy and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes for adult learners, parenting skills, family counseling, civic education and citizenship preparation as well as a series of community empowerment workshops.  

Given the necessary tools, our children will shine. Together we can light their way towards success.