Read2Succeed's programs are designed to improve children's academic performance while helping reduce illiteracy rates in the communities we serve.  








Adult Programs & Services

Education begins at home. But for some families, this can be difficult. Economic and social obstacles can limit working families from spending quality time with their children at home. Night-time story books and homework help is a luxury that some families do not have. 

Therefore, Read2Succeed offers programs that provide adult learners with access to a variety of community resources that can boost family quality time and increase family success. Please click on each program and service listed below to learn more.

Adult Literacy Program

We know that education illuminates the future with new opportunities. That's why we encourage our families to participate in our free ESOL courses offered through our collaboration efforts with Miami Sunset Adult Center. These classes are designed to help participants learn English or perfect the language to increase communication skills and boost employment prospects.

Classes are taught by Florida State certified teachers in alignment with MDCPS adult curriculum standards. In addition to receiving picture-dictionaries and text resources, adult ESOL students have access to tutorial voice recognition programs that correct pronunciation of words and phrases.

Language acquisition will ignite the spark our families need to become advocates in their children's education and transform into empowered agents of change.  

Civic & Citizenship Education Program

The Civic & Citizenship Program provides adult learners preparing for the US Citizenship exam the tools and resources to become fully assimilated into the United States.  Civic and Citizenship classes are taught by a Florida certified teacher.  Students also learn about the culture, customs and history of the United States. 

The goal of this program is to help program participants understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the United States and encourage families to become active in their community while being positive examples to their children. 

Classes are offered in collaboration with Miami Sunset Adult Center and are held in South Dade.  For more information, please contact our office.