Read2Succeed's programs are designed to improve children's academic performance while helping reduce illiteracy rates in the communities we serve.  









An internship at Read2Succed is the optimal method for a high school senior or college/university student to gain in-depth knowledge and valuable experience about the operation and the multiple dimensions of operating a transparent non-profit organization in the State of Florida.  

Students who are passionate about creating an impact in our community through a Read2Succeed internship become part of the organizationís exclusive intern alumni program.

This program offers a variety of opportunities to work within several areas of service with flexible hours and a wide range of benefits and incentives.  High School students with significant academic achievement and College/University students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

We are currently recruiting interns in he following areas:

     Communications & Marketing
     Video Production & Editing
     Community Outreach & Education
     Research & Fund Development

Please see the links below for more detailed information for volunteering or internship opportunities. For more information, feel free to contact our office or email us at