Read2Succeed's programs are designed to improve children's academic performance while helping reduce illiteracy rates in the communities we serve.  









Read2Succeed is deeply grateful for the support it has received these past few years. Through this support we have been able to serve our mission of increasing literacy in our community and build stronger sustainable families.

However, as already limited public dollars decrease it becomes more and more difficult to serve the outstanding need for our programs and services. Therefore, we welcome you to join us in our efforts to build up our young readers and create new educational opportunities essential to the continued development of their families.

Help the children in your community increase their academic performance, build on their social skills and raise their literacy rates!
Your support not only enables us to increase our capacity to serve academically at risk children but it also directly supports the creation of new educational programs and support services to meet the changing needs of our children and families.

Read2Succeed offers several platforms to make it as easy and convenient for you to support our young readers!